Bali Visa Services

With over 13 years of experience in Bali Visa services, eVisa Bali is one of trusted visa agent for tourists and expatriates to handle various types of visas, including visit visas, visa on arrival extension, business visas, limited stay visa, and visa extensions. Our services include consultations, document collection, form filling, and processing at the immigration office. Handing over the administrative process to us will simplify your application process, reduce the possibility of errors or rejections, and ensure the applicant meets all the requirements of Indonesian immigration.

VOA has become the choice of many tourists who wish to visit Bali for a short duration of time. Until November 2022 VOA is the choice of more than 1.4 million foreign tourists. In order to continue to improve and make it easier for you, as well as to provide convenience in Visa processing, we introduce e-VOA.

Single Entry Tourist Visa is issued for travellers who intend to visit Indonesia for the purpose of tourism, holiday, visiting friends or family. It is one of the most popular visas for tourists who want to visit Indonesia for the long term. The Consular Affairs is authorized to issue a stay up to 60 days when requesting a Visit Visa regardless of the length of stay and the purpose of visit.

Single Entry Business Visa is issued for travellers who intend to visit Indonesia for the purpose of business meetings, business seminar, business training, inspection, workshop, industry, discuss, negotiate, and/or sign business contracts, and other related Business.

If you hold a Single Entry Tourist or Business Visa and need to stay longer than your initial 60 days stay in Indonesia, you will need to extend your visa. As this type of Visa can be extended 2 times, each extension will grant you a stay for 60 days.

Internship Visa is issued for an academy internship or company internship purposes. Academy internship visa for a person who conducts an internship in Indonesia to satisfy the academic requirements of an overseas education.

The multiple entry visa is issued to foreigners who travel frequently to Indonesia for Tourist or Business purposes. This visa allows you to enter and leave Indonesia multiple times without having to apply for another visa for 1, 2 or 5 years.