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Retirement KITAS

This visa is suitable for a retiree aged 60 years or above who wish to enjoy their golden years in Indonesia and Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.  This visa can be used to purchase property in Indonesia to invest in your dream retirement home. As a Retirement Visa holder, you are allowed to bring eligible family to live in Indonesia.

A Retirement Visa allows you to stay in Indonesia for an extended period, typically one year. It’s renewable for multiple years, providing retirees stability and peace of mind. You also have the option to change your KITAS (limited stay permit) to KITAP (permanent stay permit) after extending your KITAS 4 times, with a longer stay period.

Foreigners can use this KITAS for:

  1. Carry out activities related to business, meetings, or purchase of goods including but not limited to checking goods at the office, factory, or production site of goods.
  2. Bring eligible families to live in Indonesia.
  3. Travel to and from Indonesia.
  4. Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.


Although this type of KITAS can only be applied by foreigners aged 60 years or above, the Retirement KITAS is different from the Silver Hair Visa. Click here to find out more about Silver Hair Visa.

E-Visa Bali, as one of the most experienced Visa Service providers, kindly welcomes you to apply for Retirement KITAS through our company. Enjoy a smooth and hassle free process of your Retirement KITAS application here.

Requirements From Applicant

  1. Color Scan of Passport minimum validity 6 (six) months
  2. Bank statement with a minimum amount of USD 2000 or equivalent the last 3 months period (including name, date of period, and balance account).
  3. Color photograph.
  4. Guarantee from the guarantor.
  5. Proof of income or allowance with a minimum of USD 3,000 per month.

Easy steps to get your Retirement KITAS

  1. Prepare all requirements needed to apply for Retirement KITAS
  2. Send all documents to E-Visa Bali official contact address
  3. Our consultant will assist you through the process
  4. Soon after your Retirement E-VITAS is issued our consultant will inform you and you are good to go
  5. After your arrival, our consultant will assist you to converting from Retirement E-VITAS to Retirement KITAS

*All payment transactions performed will be converted to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

For more detail of this VISA service, feel free to contact us or download our quotation below

Terms & Conditions

  1. The price in this website may change without prior notification.  
  2. The visa application will be started only after receipt of full payment in our company account. 
  3. All documents must be original and valid. 
  4. The visa application processing time begins after the documents are uploaded onto the visa online system of Indonesian Immigration.  
  5. The processing time may be delayed due to error within the immigration online system. This day will not be calculated as a working day.  
  6. Additional requirements may will be requested by the officer during the VISA process. 
  7. Immigration Headquarter office and Indonesian Immigration online VISA app are open from Monday – Friday and service time is from 08.00 – 15.00, except for National Holidays. 
  8. Customers shall comply with the VISA they have during their visit/ stay in Indonesia. 
  9. Any problems and costs arising due to VISA violation is not our responsibility. 
  10. Any rejection or any unsuccessful Visa Application due to change of government regulation is not our responsibility and VISA payment is non-refundable.

Frequently Ask Question

If you apply for this type of permit you are allowed to stay for 1 year in Indonesia with multiple entries (you can enter and exit the country as much as you wish during the validity period). You can extend it up to 5 years in total then you can convert your Retirement Kitas into a KITAP (permanent resident permit). Kitap will be valid for 5 years and also it can be extended as many times as you want.

No, you are not allowed to work in Indonesia if you are a Retirement KITAS holder, you need to have Working Permits connected to an Indonesia company, and the company must provide a statement that you are indeed working under their company.

The Retirement KITAS allows you to stay longer and to extend your permit without having to leave the country.

With the Retirement KITAS you are also allowed to:

  • Open a bank account under your name
  • Get the local driving license
  • Freely enter and exit Indonesia as you wish without having to pay extra Visa fee
  • Purchase a vehicle on your name

At the moment, you can apply for the Retirement KITAS if you are already in Indonesia by converting the 211A Visit Visa to Retirement KITAS.

It will take about 2 months from submitting the applications to receiving the Retirement KITAS.