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Investor KITAS

In 2019 Indonesian Immigration introduced Investor KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) as a stay permit to promote investment growth in Indonesia. Investor KITAS offers stay periods of 1 year and 2 years in one application. One other advantage that Investor KITAS offer is that it can be converted into a KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) with a longer stay period of 5 years.

Investor KITAS is a type of visa intended specifically to meet Indonesia’s investment requirements. This visa is the ideal choice for those of you who are interested in investing and building a business in Indonesia while managing it legally. 

Foreigners can use this KITAS for:

  1. Carry out activities related to business, investment, and company establishment.
  2. Bring eligible members of your family.
  3. Conducting activities as a member of the board of directors or a member of the board of commissioners of the company in which you are investing.
  4. Travel to and from Indonesia as long as your permit is valid.
  5. Carry out activities related to tourism, and visit friends or family.


The main role of an Investor KITAS holder is to lead and manage the company. As the investor, you will sign company documents, plan for the business in accordance with the capital and to set up the people to work in the company. Working is prohibited if an Investor KITAS holder does not have a working permit. Click here to talk to our consultant and find out more about Working Permit.

E-Visa Bali, as one of the most experienced Visa Service providers, kindly welcomes you to apply for Investor KITAS through our company. Enjoy a smooth and hassle free process of your Investor KITAS application here.

Requirements From Applicant

  1. Scan passport (min passport validity 6 Months)
  2. Medical/travel insurance
  3. Copy Of Bank Statement Applicant/sponsor USD 2000 (Last 3 Months)
  4. Latest Passport Size Photograph On Red Background
  5. Scan Passport Cover (Optional)

Requirements From Sponsor

  1. Color Scan of Foreigner Domicile (Surat Domisili)
  2. Color Scan of Director or Commissioners passport (Passport Direktur atau Komisaris)
  3. Color Scan of Director or Commissioners KITAS (KITAS Direktur atau Komisaris)
  4. Color Scan of one local staff ID card (KTP)
  5. Color Scan of Tax Identification Number Card (NPWP)
  6. Color Scan of Company Register Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha – NIB) from OSS
  7. Color Scan of Company License from OSS
  8. Color Scan of Company Domicile (Surat Domisili/ Surat Keterangan Tempat Usaha (SKTU))
  9. Color scan of Notary Act of Company Establishment (Akta Notaris Pendirian Perusahaan) and any Following 
  10. Notary Act Change (Akta Notaris Perubahan)-if any.
  11. Color scan of Legalization of Notary Act Company Establishment (Pengesahan Akta Notaris dari Kemenkumham)
  12. Color scan of Legalization of Notary Act Company Change (Perubahan Akta Notaris dari Kemenkumham)
  13. Copy Of Last Company Profile (Optional)
  14. Company Stamp (Optional)
  15. Corporate Letterhead (Optional)

Easy steps to get your Investor KITAS

  1. Prepare all requirements needed to apply for Investor KITAS
  2. Send all documents to E-Visa Bali official contact address
  3. Our consultant will assist you through the process
  4. Soon after your Investor E-VITAS is issued our consultant will inform you and you are good to go.
  5. After your arrival, our consultant will assist you to converting from Investor E-VITAS to Investor KITAS

*All payment transactions performed will be converted to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). 

For more detail of this VISA service, feel free to contact us or download our quotation below

Terms & Conditions

  1. The price in this website may change without prior notification.  
  2. The visa application will be started only after receipt of full payment in our company account. 
  3. All documents must be original and valid. 
  4. The visa application processing time begins after the documents are uploaded onto the visa online system of Indonesian Immigration.  
  5. The processing time may be delayed due to error within the immigration online system. This day will not be calculated as a working day.  
  6. Additional requirements may will be requested by the officer during the VISA process. 
  7. Immigration Headquarter office and Indonesian Immigration online VISA app are open from Monday – Friday and service time is from 08.00 – 15.00, except for National Holidays. 
  8. Customers shall comply with the VISA they have during their visit/ stay in Indonesia. 
  9. Any problems and costs arising due to VISA violation is not our responsibility. 
  10. Any rejection or any unsuccessful Visa Application due to change of government regulation is not our responsibility and VISA payment is non-refundable.

Frequently Ask Question

After your Investor E-VITAS is issued you must enter Indonesian territory within 90 days.

Investor KITAS can be extended during your stay without leaving Indonesian territory.

We have a refund policy that covers this visa application.  Click here to read our terms and conditions.

10 billion capital is one of the mandatory requirements for Investor KITAS, if the requirement is not fulfilled, then you cannot apply for Investor KITAS, but don’t worry, several other visa types are still available as the option. For example, Working KITAS.

A PMA can be established with more than 1 business field. Please be informed that 1 business field requires 10 billion minimum capital, more business fields means that the company will need to put in more capital (times 10 billion per business field).

You can either take the role as the director or the commissioner in your company. You will still need to apply for Investor KITAS after the PMA sets, meaning that it is not automatically or directly granted for the KITAS itself.